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An Introduction to Mental Health Revitalization

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Mental health has increasingly become a concern over the past few decades, especially among young adults. This has only been worsened during the ongoing COVI

Tablet screen with "Mental Health Matters" displayed.

D-19 pandemic. According to a recent survey from Statistics Canada, 1 in 5 Canadian adults currently have symptoms from at least one of the following mental health diagnoses: major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

International students are at particular risk of experiencing mental health issues because of their unique lived experiences and stressors that make it more challenging to regulate emotional health.

However, access to sufficient resources tailored for international students is minimal. The Mental Health Revitalization (MHR) organization was created to fill this gap.

Mental Health Revitalization is an organization started in the Summer of 2021 by University of Toronto students. Our mission is to build an online community to support international students with mental health needs, starting with Toronto and branching out to the rest of Ontario.

The MHR website aims to increase awareness on various topics, share resources, and update community members about future MHR events. This blog is one way that will happen.

Find us on Instagram @mhr_uoft, Linkedin @Mental Health Revitalization, and Facebook @mhr.utsg.

Written: Sunday October 3, 2021

More to be added soon...

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