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About Us


Promote mental health awareness and accessibility among international students


To use community to connect students to resources 

To increase understanding of concerns international students face


The beginning of the Mental Health Revitalization (MHR) comes from a year of dialling into Zoom meetings, wandering silent streets, and an insufficiently fulfilled urge for social interaction. 

Which is to say, MHR was bourne out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The critical realization that kickstarted the foundation of the MHR was the uncanny pairing of the wealth of resources at the University of Toronto, the relative inaccessibility to those resources, and the seemingly sparse resources for international students in comparison to domestic students. 

We acknowledge that there are repositories and lists of resources for students to navigate through, but we saw a need for better filters and navigators for these lists. Thus, the current project that the MHR has taken on is to centralize and improve the accessibility of these resources to promote student use.

Today, the MHR is a multifaceted liaison service connecting international students to mental health resources. Through discussion boards for creating community, blogs and infographics for disseminating information, and scholarships to support innovation, MHR promotes connectivity and growth for its users.

Meet Our Team

ID Photo.jpg
Liwei Liao



Kavin Selvan


Vice President

Li Ju

Resource Management Assistant

​Haowen Yang

Social Media Coordinator

haowen Yang.jpg

Community Outreach Assistant


Resource Management Assistant

Ziru Li
Martina Mirigello

Resource Management Assistant

Screen Shot 2021-10-04 at 11.05.32 PM.png
Ambrose Jing

External Collaboration Consultant

​Chief Blog Editor

Weixiao (Rachel) Li

Community Outreach Assistant

Jiahui (Katrina) Wang
Tiansi (Heather) Chen
Katrina Wang.jpg
Ziru Li_.jpg
Martina Mirigello.png

Past Members

Victoria Zhang


Former Director of Internal Affairs 

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